Admissions policies

The production and dissemination of clear, comprehensive and well implemented admissions policies and procedures is absolutely fundamental to fair admissions to higher education for UK HE providers.

An admissions policy or policies should cover everything a HE provider does with regard to admission of students, from initial enquiries through the formal application process to enrolment and beyond. This includes all elements of the applicant experience and is likely to encompass: student recruitment; outreach and widening access; setting offer levels; making admissions decisions; managing relationships with partners, with agents and with UCAS; equality and diversity issues; and transition support.

SPA’s good practice statement on admissions policies was revised and updated to reflect changes to Chapter B2 of the Quality Assurance Agency's (QAA) UK Quality Code for Higher Education, covering recruitment, selection and admissions, which came into effect in August 2014. The admissions policy gives HE providers an opportunity to declare and demonstrate their compliance with Chapter B2 of the QAA Quality Code.

In addition to recommendations on what material should be covered by admissions policies and procedures, our good practice statement discusses implementation, monitoring and review of policy, harmonisation of policies and procedures across an institution, and what level of detail to include within your overarching admissions policy.

This good practice has informed the development of our online good practice toolkit module on interviews.

Supplementing the main good practice statement, we have produced a checklist that may assist HE providers in reviewing admissions policies, as well as a gap analysis template for considering how well current practice maps onto Chapter B2 of the QAA Quality Code.

We are always interested in receiving your feedback - if you have any comments or would like to highlight further examples of good practice, please email us.

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