Consumer protection for College HE

SPA has delivered a number of presentations on consumer protection legislation to help admissions staff understand and remain up-to-date with the requirements. These have been well received and SPA understands that colleagues find them useful in shaping their work on compliance.

This was evident in a presentation delivered to a group of colleges in October 2015. Beforehand, 17 attendees felt they were already compliant with the advice provided by the Competition and Market Authority's (CMA) on consumer protection requirements for providing information to prospective students. However, after explaining the advice and allowing time for them to discuss with colleagues, only 5 still believed they were compliant. Reassuringly, though, this rose to 19 (nearly everyone) when including those who were confident they would soon become compliant. Similarly, 8 believed they were compliant in their fair terms and conditions before the talk, falling to 0 afterwards, but rising to 12 confident they would soon become compliant.

This told us:

  1. There's a risk staff in HE don't realise there's more they need to do to meet their consumer protection obligations.
  2. SPA's presentations and talking with colleagues helps staff realise what’s needed.
  3. Others in colleges would benefit from realising what's required.

It's always SPA's hope that our resources are taken and shared more widely, so it was great to hear from Helen Fellows, HE and Education Lead at Shrewsbury College, that she'd used SPA’s presentation to deliver a training session in her own college

"I recently delivered a CMA information session for tutors and colleagues who provide course advice on how we were updating our processes and policies to ensure we are compliant. I used the SPA PowerPoint Dan presented at a regional UCAS meeting and this really helped me to ensure the information I was sharing was reliable and up to date - thanks Dan."

If you're thinking of running a training session for staff in your college on consumer protection in HE admissions, you may find the resources below helpful. Feel free to add your own, college-specific content to the presentation. You might also wish to refer to our College HE admissions issue review plan.

We'd love to hear any feedback on how you use any of SPA's resources. Let us know or share with the rest of the community via the College HE JISCMail forum.

Fri, 20/05/2016 - 15:51