Equitable admissions

Equitable admissions for underrepresented groups

The Equality Challenge Unit (ECU), in collaboration with SPA, conducted research in 2012 to help ensure admissions processes are equitable and free from inadvertent discrimination.

The Equitable admissions for underrepresented groups report considers legal requirements following implementation of the Equality Act 2010, has recommendations for institutions to 'identify, prevent, communicate and assess' inequity and provides reflective questions to support a review of admissions processes. This report will be of interest to both admissions and equality/support staff, and SPA would recommend staff within an institution work together in considering the report's reflective questions.

Our thanks to the eight institutions who worked with ECU and SPA on this topic and provided case studies: University College Birmingham; Cleveland College of Art and Design; De Montfort University; University of Glasgow; University of Manchester; University of Nottingham; St George's, University of London; Staffordshire University.

The report, Equitable admissions for underrepresented groups, can be downloaded from the ECU website.

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