Recruitment and admissions NETT

SPA National Expert Think Tank on the relationship between recruitment and admissions

The National Expert Think Tank (NETT) for 2014 examined topical issues within admissions decision-making. Members agreed that one topic, concerning the relationship between recruitment and admissions, should be expanded beyond decision-making to encompass broader aspects of improving a coordinated recruitment and admissions approach. A further group was convened to develop the initial materials.

The NETT guide on coordinating the relationship between recruitment and admissions has been designed to encourage a more integrated approach within an HE provider, heighten understanding internally and support the strategic planning of its recruitment, selection and admission of students. It includes an easy-to-apply toolkit to survey relevant stakeholders, analyse the significance of the survey findings and develop an action plan to redress any issues as part of a continuing review and enhancement plan. Their true value will lie in the additional reflection and intelligence that can be applied from an institution-specific perspective. 

Anonymised case studies summarising the results volunteered by HE providers undertaking the congruence analysis in the guide are available below for reference and comparison with results from your own survey.

The research, sharing of insight and any discussion between NETT members was conducted on the understanding that everything remains non-attributable outside of the direct NETT membership. SPA is very grateful for the dedicated effort of NETT members in producing this guide.

We would be very interested in your comments and feedback.

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