Schwartz Report Review

Review of the Schwartz Report on Fair Admissions

One of the recommendations from the Schwartz Report in 2004 was to undertake a review to examine how the five principles of fair admissions outlined had been implemented. The review, entitled ‘Fair admissions to higher education: a review of the implementation of the Schwartz Report principles three years on’ was published in 2008.

SPA managed the review for the then Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) working with a research team of staff from Sheffield Hallam and Staffordshire universities. The team used a variety of methods to identify qualitative and quantitative data including a UK-wide survey to all publicly funded HE providers using the UCAS scheme. In addition, ten case study institutions from England, chosen on the basis of type, size and mission, were interviewed about their admissions process and practice. A review of the institutions’ websites was also undertaken, examining accessibility and transparency.

The review revealed that a number of the principles in the Schwartz Report had been successfully adopted by the higher education sector, particularly in relation to the areas of transparency, staff training and continuing professional development, aspects of professionalism and the use of technology to share resources and information.

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